Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Magic Numbers

Let me take a break from taking a break from writing about SXSW to say that I saw the Magic Numbers last night at Webster Hall, and fell in love. What a beautiful, beautiful show. I only knew a little of their music going into it, so each song was like a wondrous little present, unwrapping itself to show what gems this band is capable of producing.

Gorgeous melodies and relaxed harmonies weave through their songs and create little 3-minute tapestries of "oohs" and "ahhs" and other things that make you think of the Beach Boys. Angela Gammon's vocals quietly stole the show, starting out as an addition to frontman Romeo Stodart's, but soaring their own about four songs into their set.

If that's not enough, the band is actually comprised of two pairs of siblings (and, no, not in a White Strips kind of way.)

Favorite songs: "Forever Lost," "Love Me Like You," "Don't Give Up the Fight."

Don't you want to be their friend now?


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